What is Titcoin about?

A digital currency that connects porn creators and consumers.

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A friendly community that is open to cryptocurrency newcomers and experts alike. The perfect place for you to dive into cryptocurrencies!

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Titcoin is following a grassroots approach to cryptocurrency adoption. We are directly connecting content creators with the people who want to see their content.

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Using a cryptocurrency to reward content creators opens up entirely new ways of creating and consuming porn - more interactive, individual, fair and fun than traditional porn!

Digital age

A tipping culture for the digital age.

Technological change requires new business models. Premium porn sites are becoming increasingly unpopular with all the content that is available for free, so with Titcoin we have created a payment method that allows content creators to be directly tipped by their fans on ANY site (social media, tube sites etc.).

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Earn money

Get paid for being sexy!

With Titcoin, you can earn money by sharing your erotic qualities with the world. Whether you post a picture of your cleavage on Instagram or upload entire sex videos on Pornhub: If someone likes it, they can send you Titcoin for it!

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Your favorite porn, your favorite people.

By supporting your favorite porn creators you will see more creative content from them and motivate them to keep doing what they are doing. That way you will be getting higher quality content made by people you enjoy watching, which is fun for you and fair for them!

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Giveaway campaigns.

We are giving away free TIT (short for Titcoin) in regular intervals via social media to make sure that everybody gets a chance to start using Titcoin without having to buy coins from cryptocurrency exchanges. You can then use those coins to support your favorite creators without having to invest anything!

Getting started

Read the below guide and start using Titcoin today!

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