Titcoin is a cryptocurrency, which means that you have to download and install a program on your PC in order to use Titcoin. The benefit of this is that no registration is necessary and that it is impossible to shut down. The the network is operated by the users themselves! You can join us now by installing the Titcoin wallet on your PC:

Windows logo Windows (64 bit): titcoin- (13.7 MB)
Mac OS logo Mac (64 bit): Titcoin- (32.3 MB)
Linux logo Linux (Source code): titcoin-0.16.3-titcoin1.tar.gz (5.4 MB)

Unfortunately we do not have a mobile app yet. We will try to make this happen as soon as possible! In the meantime, please try using the above software on your PC and tell us how you like it. For help with installing and using Titcoin on your PC, please take a look at the Screenshots and the Tutorial.