Frequently Asked Questions

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What is the difference between Titcoin and Bitcoin?

Technically, Titcoin and Bitcoin are very similar. The most noticeable difference is that Titcoin has a 10x faster block time, which makes it better suited for small and fast transactions like tipping. Titcoin transactions take only 60 seconds on average! Bitcoin is better for transferring large amounts of money. See Specifications / Mining for more details about the technical differences.

The most important difference between Titcoin and Bitcoin, though, is that Bitcoin is a general-purpose currency while Titcoin is a special-purpose currency for porn. While the price of Bitcoin more or less reflects the global adoption of cryptocurrencies, the price of Titcoin reflects the adoption of using cryptocurrencies tipping and funding adult content creators! For that reason, Titcoin is ideally suited for increasing cryptocurrency usage and overcoming adoption barriers in this particular use case, while Bitcoin is not.

Why should I use Titcoin instead of Bitcoin?

It depends on your use case. If you are an adult content creator, you might want to start accepting Titcoin because that way you are helping us to establish a tipping culture for porn. We will add you to our public list of known creators which will increase your visibility. See About for more info about the "great vision" of Titcoin.

Conversely, if you just want to send money from A to B and convert it to your local currency immediately, then Bitcoin is probably a better choice.

Why would anyone PAY for porn? It's all free!

Titcoin is not primarily meant to be used for "paying" for porn in the traditional sense, i.e. in order to get access to it. Because, as you said, most porn is available for free. Instead, the idea is that you voluntarily support your favorite porn creators because you like them and like what they are doing! So it's more about the people than about the content. In a sense, you are paying them to continue producing more of the content that you like, which will be available for everyone.

What is the difference compared to other adult payment methods?

There are various payment methods and startups that are trying to revolutionize the way pornography is being monetized today. The major difference of Titcoin compared to almost all of them is that Titcoin is a true altcoin, i.e. a fully independent cryptocurrency. Most other startups are just using Ethereum-based tokens or centralized payment processors similar to Paypal. Titcoin is not owned by anyone and will not go away, so it is more future-proof than the other methods.

Has Titcoin been acquired by TittieCoin?

No! TittieCoin is a cryptocurrency rival of Titcoin which managed to get access to the previous "official" accounts of Titcoin. Then they announced that they "acquired" Titcoin, which is obviously nonsense because cryptocurrencies are decentralized and are not owned by anyone. So after that we had to create new accounts and made a new Bitcointalk thread. You can find the up-to-date social media links at the bottom of this page.

Is @OfficialTitcoin on Twitter the official Titcoin account?

No. It used to be, but it was bought by TittieCoin. The social media accounts owned by the current Titcoin developer are @titcoin and @gandalf86 on Gab. Note that since Titcoin is a decentralized project, anybody can make an account for it on Twitter. You can make one if you like! ;)

Why do Titcoin and TittieCoin have the same ticker (TIT)?

Probably in order to emphasize their claim that Titcoin has been "acquired" by them, TittieCoin decided to change their own ticker from "TTC" to "TIT" a few months ago. Unfortunately this has created a lot of confusion between Titcoin and TittieCoin (which was probably their goal). We believe that it is the responsibility of the crypto community to not tolerate ticker stealing and not allow cryptocurrency projects to use the ticker of other existing projects in order to avoid confusion.

Is your question missing?

No problem, feel free to contact us on Gab or Discord! Both sites are free and very easy to sign up for.