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How do I get a Titcoin address?

We would recommend you to use the official Titcoin wallet to get an address. See Using Titcoin for more info.

Is this project a joke?

No. Titcoin is legit, but we are mostly here for having fun. :)

Is this project a scam?

No! We are not asking anyone for money and our software is fully open source on GitHub. If you decide to buy TIT on cryptocurrency exchanges, do so at your own risk!

Is Titcoin sexist?

No. If you have a nice pair of man boobs, you might get tipped as well! ;)

What is TittieCoin?

TittieCoin is a different cryptocurrency that has nothing to do with Titcoin. They sometimes try to confuse Titcoin users by claiming that Titcoin and TittieCoin are the same, probably because we have the cooler name. 8-) TittieCoin has the same currency ticker as Titcoin (TIT), so make sure to not confuse the two.