Getting started

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Learning more

Thanks for your interest in Titcoin! If you are still unsure what Titcoin actually is, you can read more about this on the About page. Also make sure to read the FAQ which covers frequently asked questions. You can get in contact with us on Gab and join our community on Discord to ask any further questions.


In order to get started and receive your first coins, the first thing you have to do is to download and install the "wallet" of Titcoin from the Download page. Titcoin is a payment network that is operated by the users themselves, so the money you receive with Titcoin is directly stored on your PC. You can take a look at the screenshots to see what the Titcoin wallet looks like.

We hope to have a detailed tutorial about using Titcoin soon, which will be available on the Tutorial page. If you are having any issues with using the wallet, please don't hesitate to ask your questions on social media or on Discord. Our goal is that Titcoin can be used by anyone, regardless of your technical experience!

Before receiving your first coins, we would recommend you to make a backup of your wallet via File -> Backup wallet. Store the backup in a safe location.

Your first titcoins

After you have installed the wallet, it is time for you to receive your first titcoins! In order to receive coins, you have to publish your Titcoin address which you can get from the "Receive" tab of the wallet (see the Screenshots page for more info). There are different ways of obtaining TIT:

  • You can earn titcoins by uploading adult content on the internet and asking your followers to tip you with Titcoin. This is the path of the "content creator", which you can read more about further down this page.
  • You can participate in our social media giveaways to get free TIT. Please follow us on Gab to make sure you are not missing the next giveaway campaign! With giveaways you can accumulate a decent amount of TIT over the long term.
  • You can contribute to the project in order to earn titcoins. If you are a writer, write articles about Titcoin. If you are a designer, design some great graphics! There are many different ways to contribute, and with some luck some of our community members will thank you for your efforts by sending you some TIT.
  • You can buy TIT for real money. That way you can get massive amounts of Titcoin, but you have to pay for it. See Trading for more info.

Spending Titcoin

When you own Titcoin, you can use it to support adult content creators! Take a look at our list of known creators who accept Titcoin or ask your favorite content creators whether they would like to start accepting Titcoin.

Using Titcoin to support adult content creators is very important as it makes the Titcoin economy grow and flourish and gives the coin its purpose. Please don't just hoard your Titcoin to speculate on price movements, because when too many people are doing that the coin will lose its value! If you are an investor, the optimal ratio between hoarding and spending coins is 50/50: 50% to reward people for creating adult content and 50% to keep for yourself.

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For content creators

The idea of Titcoin is to give your fans a way to support you morally and financially for creating adult content. And secondly, to get people used to sending you some TIT if they like a post or video a lot, i.e. establishing a tipping culture. There are different strategies to achieve this and our mission is to support YOU to get a solid base of Titcoin supporters as quickly as possible!

How to start accepting Titcoin

Generally, accepting Titcoin for payments and tipping works like this:

  1. Install the Titcoin wallet on your PC to get a Titcoin address (see the sections above).
  2. Generate a new payment request for each post, so you know which payments belong to which post. That way you can see which kind of posts motivate people to send you Titcoin.
  3. Copy your Titcoin address from the payment request and add it to your post. You can add the Titcoin address to a social media post, to a video description on Youtube or put it in the comments on tube sites like Pornhub. You can prefix your address with "TIT:" to indicate that it is a Titcoin address and not just a collection of random characters. ;)
  4. Track the value of Titcoin on Coinmarketcap to know how much one TIT is worth.
  5. If you are technically knowledgeable, you can sell your titcoins for Bitcoin and convert it to your local currency. See Trading for more info. Otherwise, just keep them and wait until your TIT gain more value.


Titcoin helps you to make independent adult content and get supported by your followers. Since most people don't know much about cryptocurrencies yet, a smart strategy is necessary to ensure your long-term success. Here are some ideas for you that you can try:

  • HODL. This is a word from the cryptocurrency scene and means to not immediately sell your coins, but to keep them until they gain more value. The more people start using Titcoin, the more value it will gain. You can potentially make a fortune if you can wait with selling your coins until 1 TIT is worth $1 USD for example.
  • Try to get as many fans and followers as possible. The more followers you have, the more of them will be willing to start using Titcoin to support you.
  • Upload suggestive content (posts, images, videos) to "tease" your followers and leave them wanting more.
  • To introduce your followers to Titcoin, offer posting special content (e.g. flashing your tits) if a certain amount of Titcoin will be sent to your address.
  • Get in contact with us so we can add you to the Known creators list.
  • Use the #titcoin hashtag on social media so that people who already use Titcoin can find you.
  • Help marketing Titcoin and @mention us on Gab. Then we can repost your post, which will help you to gain more visibility.
  • If you are active on Pornhub or Youtube, make an educational video about Titcoin and explain why this project is important. When people know more about Titcoin and understand the idea, they will be more willing to start using it.
  • Don't give up! :) Titcoin is a new concept to most people and it will take time until everyone understands why supporting adult content creators like you is a good idea. Feel free to join our community on Discord to connect with other creators and brainstorm marketing ideas!
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Staying connected

The most important aspect of Titcoin is not the technology, but the community! We are trying to make adult entertainment more fair and fun for everyone, but we can only do that together. A good platform to connect with the Titcoin community is via the Titcoin Discord. Here you can network with adult content creators, get help using the Titcoin wallet or just hang out and have fun!

If you want to get involved in the project or have a great idea that you want to share, we are looking forward to hearing from you!