Money symbol

Titcoin is a cryptocurrency, which means that you can buy and sell TIT for real money! ("TIT" is the currency symbol of Titcoin, called ticker, similar to USD, EUR etc..) The current value of 1 TIT can be looked up on

Cryptocurrency beginners

Unfortunately, the process of trading TIT is pretty complicated at the moment as it can only be traded for Bitcoin (BTC), not directly for fiat (i.e. your local currency). So whenever you want to buy or sell Titcoin, you have to convert it to Bitcoin, first, and transfer those Bitcoin between different trading sites. If you are interested in learning more about this process, feel free to join us on Discord and ask our community for help! One of the main goals of Titcoin is to educate normal people like you about cryptocurrency usage. There are absolutely no stupid questions here. :)

If you are totally new to cryptocurrencies and are not interested in complicated things, we would recommend you to use Titcoin just for fun, without buying or selling coins for real money. That way you can practice cryptocurrency usage without any risk. You can earn TIT via social media giveaways or by creating adult content and asking your followers to tip you with Titcoin. Then you can sell those coins for real money later when there is an easier method of trading Titcoin.

Advanced users

If you are an experienced cryptocurrency user and already know how to buy and sell altcoins, here is the list of exchanges that Titcoin is currently listed on:

  • A serious cryptocurrency exchange that is owned by a large Swedish company. We would recommend you to use this one.
  • A less known exchange operated by the mining pool of the same name.
  • An extremely shady exchange located in Russia, but it sometimes has a better trading volume than the other two exchanges. As a rule of thumb, you should never store your crypto funds on exchanges but always in your local wallet (see Download). This rule is especially true when using Yobit.

When buying Titcoin, please make sure that you are actually buying Titcoin and not TittieCoin! TittieCoin is a different project that recently decided to change their ticker from TTC to TIT, i.e. the same ticker that Titcoin is using.