Money symbol

Titcoin is a cryptocurrency, which means that you can buy and sell TIT for real money! ("TIT" is the currency symbol of Titcoin.) The current value of 1 TIT can be looked up on Note that you do not have to trade Titcoin for real money - you can also earn titcoins by uploading content and receive tips just for fun!


At the moment, Titcoin can not be directly traded for fiat (EUR, USD etc.). Instead, it can be traded for Bitcoin, and then Bitcoin can be traded for fiat! So the general process of buying and selling Titcoin works like this:

  • Buying: USD/EUR => Bitcoin => Titcoin
  • Selling: Titcoin => Bitcoin => USD/EUR

This can look a bit complicated at first, but it is relatively simple once you understand how it works. If you need help, feel free to join our chat room and we will explain everything to you. :)

Exchanges (Bitcoin <=> Titcoin)

You can use the following exchanges to trade Titcoin for Bitcoin. Registration is free on all of them, but they differ in terms of security and verification requirements.

  • A serious cryptocurrency exchange that is owned by a large Swedish company. We would recommend you to use this one. Verification is required prior to using the exchange.
  • A less known exchange operated by a mining pool of the same name. No verification is required.
  • A very shady cryptocurrency exchange located in Russia. We do NOT recommend you to use this one. No verification is required.

Once you have Bitcoin, you can withdraw it from the exchange to your own Bitcoin wallet for example. Or if you want to buy Titcoin, deposit BTC to one of the above exchanges and buy some titcoins!

Disclaimer: If you want to buy titcoins, please note that cryptocurrencies are a highly risky asset class; do not spend more money than you are willing to lose!